This concert is canceled!

A concert and presentation by Frances-Marie Uitti (cello) & Andrea Vasi (piano)

Dec 22 2018 20.00 uur Studio Sophia
Buthan music
andrea vasi

Bhutanese music, Steve Reich, Arvo Pärt, 2 bows, piano classics, plus a film presentation on Buthan.

Tickets €15,- at the door. Reservations: info@studio-sophia.nl
Donations for the TheBhutanMusicFoundation are welcome!

TheBhutanMusicFoundation (BMF) is a non-profit organisation formed in 2011 and based in The Netherlands for the creation and promotion of musical activity and education in Bhutan, with an emphasis on traditional Bhutanese cultural heritage. The BMF has sent teachers for the last 10 years, for yearly volunteer positions to the capitol, Thimphu, to teach children music between the ages of 4 to18. We at BMF passionately believe that music helps children develop mentally, spiritually and socially through daily practice and group musical performance.

Andrea Vasi is this year’s teacher in the exotic Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. She has organised many events including starting a chorus, performing in a musical, as well as outreach projects in the poorer districts of Thimphu and performing throughout the city.

Until now, the BMF has thrived through the private sponsorship of the founder, F.M. Uitti, and the Prins Claus Foundation and we would like to take it to the next level through donations from the public. All funds go directly to the school and the children in Bhutan!