MOTHER – a tribute concert

Duoconcert cello-piano door Portal Musik
30 oktober 3 korte concerten

Portal Musik

Alfian Emir Adytia, cello and Kanako Abe, piano

L. v. Beethoven – Cello sonata no.3 Op.69 in A Major 1st mouvement
E. Grieg – Cello and Piano sonata Op.36 in a minor 2nd mouvement
A. Pärt – Fratres for cello and piano
B. Bartok – Romanian Folk Dances
A.E. Adytia – Nachtmusik suite


To celebrate our mother’s birthday which falls on October 31st, we decided to give a small celebration. Expanding this idea, we would like to tribute all mothers with this concert. The music that we chose by Beethoven, Grieg, Part, Bartok and Emir Adytia are reflecting the complete representation of a mother which consists of love, determination, encouragement and generosity. At this moment of uncertainty, we hope to share all of these strength that we receive from our mother to go ahead for a better future. We hope to share with you this musical moment in Studio Sophia!
Javanese & Japanese duo born from their meeting in Indonesia in 2013 is focused on the creative side, seeking all the potential of the new sound that can be drawn from this combination of 2 instruments. In addition to 20th century masterpieces such as Debussy, Shostakovich, Piazzolla and Pärt, their repertoire is spontaneously relegated to any kind of “novelty” without the genre boundary or aesthetic such as Classical, Folk, Jazz, Pop, Ethnic etc. Very passionate in the new musical creation, Portal Musik is ready to assure the world premieres, to introduce the works written in 20th century which are unknown by the public.

Times: 17:30 uur, 19:00 uur en 20:30 uur.

Corona protocol:

Disinfect your hands at entrance, wear mask, pick up drink, take drink and coat to seats, sit down and enjoy concert, leave right after the concert.
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