Chekhov workshop for classical singers

17 maart 2023 van 19:00 – 21:30 uur
Studio Sophia

Door de IJslandse sopraan Vera Matsdóttir in het kader van haar Master onderzoek. 

ChekhovMichael Chekhov and his technique

Michael Chekhov (1891-1955) was a Russian actor, director and writer. Chekhov’s technique presumes that the actor’s body is an instrument and therefor it’s very important to understand its function and abilities. The technique is a psycho-physical approach that offers direct and efficient tools, starting with the use of our body, psychological gestures to evoke and stimulate the imagination, feelings, and atmosphere.

Why implement Chekhov’s technique with singing?

As a classical singer, I am always looking for ways to stay connected to my body so that I can use my voice in the healthiest and most sustainable manner possible. I have come across quite a few concepts in Chekhov’s technique which I have easily been able to apply in my singing in terms of vocal technique. Chekhov’s physical focus corresponds greatly with classical singing in my opinion. I believe that all singers benefit from getting to know different acting approaches because I think that singers are in fact actors who sing their text to tell the story. Chekhov’s statement, that actors should consider their bodies as their instrument is very relevant to singers as most of them already have that attitude. With this technique, singers can take that attitude even further and benefit variously. Chekhov workshop

We will explore

  • The fundamentals of Michael Chekhov’s acting technique and how singers can apply it while portraying a character
  • How Chekhov’s practical tools can be implemented in singing
  • Ways to stimulate the imagination through the use of the body
  • Ways to get out of the head and into the body

Singers of all levels are welcome but for a fully active participation it is essential that you can perform one aria by heart.

You choose between

Fully active participation including

Partly active participation including
·      Engaging in group exercises ·      Engaging in group exercises
·      Receiving guidance on how to apply Chekhov while singing an aria by own choice ·      Observing the individual performance


Price: 25€

Price: 15€

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